Now on webnet: Historical urban ensembles in times of changes.

An electronic version of the materials of the international conference "Historic Urban Ensembles in Times of Changes" is on webnet. The conference, which took place in 2014, important problems of development of historic towns and the future of urban ensembles were discussed. In conclusion, the scientists adopted a joint Declaration "Historic Cities of Belarus in Danger", the relevance of which is increasing every year.


It is possible to study the Declaration and articles of 15 authors from Belarus and Poland, on the theory, history and problems of revitalization of urban ensembles here:



Dr. Sorkina and Dr. Albert Stankowski during the discussion of the Decalration.

Ambasseder to the Kingdom of the Netherlands  in Poland Paul Bekkers and   and ambassedor’s referant Wojcech Smolinski at the opening of the conference.

Dr. Adam Jankiewicz is delivering the report "The Importance of the Judicial Regulation for Protection of cultural heritage of the historical cities", at the conference.